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Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud, LLC started because we know moving to Cloud is the single most significant technology shift your company will face over the next decade. We are your trusted advisor on this journey and are determined to build a great company along the way. We are the premier cloud services and software company for enterprises moving to AWS, Google, Microsoft and other leading Cloud platforms.

Mission Statement

Our Core Values

The shared Core Values on which our Company strive are Safety, Excellence, People, Integrity, Technology, and Professionalism.

Our Services

Our Services we offered in the Technology are the following:

1. Consultantcy

2. Environment Assessment

3. Cloud Migration

4. Disastaer Recovery to the Cloud

5. Integrate and scale on-premises infrastructure into the Cloud

6. Design, deploy, automate and manage complex Cloud architectures with elasticity, scalability, and high availability.

Cloud Experience

We’re not learning a new way of doing things - we’re defining the best way to do them. Our architects have been designing, building, and implementing IT solutions for clients across industries. From strategy to operations, Secure Cloud, LLC accelerates end-to-end cloud adoption with the best services, software and intellectual property available on the market. Protecting and providing a secure environment for clients are our top priority.